DEL Landscapes can make your overgrown, unsightly lawn free of weeds, vegetation, brush, rocks and structures, leaving a healthy and vibrant landscape no matter what season. Our clean up services include:

Bamboo removal and eradication

Experienced DEL professionals will completely remove and eradicate bamboo from any area and stop future growth.

Clearing weeds

Weed control and clearing are necessary for keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful. DEL will stop damaging or toxic weeds from competing with your plants and lawn grass.

Leaf removal and vacuum

With Fall comes the dead leaves that completely cover your property. DEL will remove and vacuum your property free of leaves.

Vegetation removal

When vegetation interferes with the regeneration of forests, and dominates roadsides, properties and job sites, DEL is licensed to provide herbicide control of vegetation.

Poison ivy removal

Poison ivy has a complex root system and DEL will remove the the plants and roots to stop the growth of poison ivy.

Brush removal

DEL will visit your site and use specialized equipment to remove unwanted brush and clear the area to make it clean looking and healthy.


DEL has the expertise, manpower and equipment for jobs needing demolition of old sheds, buildings, paths, rocks or any large items that will impede the new landscape.