When a tree falls either from damage, disease or is voluntarily removed, there is usually a stump left behind. These can be an eye sore and make it nearly impossible to change up your landscape with big stumps in the way. Professional stump grinding services can remove them efficiently and effectively. It is not a one step process however, and it does require the correct skills and equipment to achieve the ultimate results.

An additional benefit to professional stump grinding is the natural mulch created by the process that, if added back into your landscape beds, will help to replenish the soil and help your plantings grow stronger and healthier. However, if you prefer to have it removed, we can haul it away when we complete the service.

The right tools and machine are the key to effective stump grinding and in creating that beneficial mulch. Different size jobs require different size machines, and our team is well prepared. For those smaller stumps, we use a self propelled stump grinder that can easily be maneuvered on your property and through most gates. These machines can grind small stumps down two to six inches below the surface which is necessary to completely destroy the root ball.

For large stumps, a larger machine is required. We will arrive at your property with the grinding machine on a trailer towed by one of our trucks. The driver will back the stump removal machine and truck across your yard to the location of the stump. Our crew will begin to grind the stump down twelve inches below the surface to thoroughly destroy the root ball of the tree.

In addition to grinding the stump, we will usually add an additional foot of the ground which surrounds the stump in order to reach any underlying roots as well as larger areas if necessary to remove those unsightly and sometimes dangerous surface roots.

When you are ready for professional stump grinding services, give us a call at (301) 461-0779. Our crews are respectful, thorough, and provide outstanding results.