Any tree can fail when a force such as high winds or gravity has become stronger than its root system can withstand. Some diseases and structural defects can also predispose a tree to fail, even when under normal conditions. When we are assessing a tree for the possibility of it being saved or must be removed, we look for seven different conditions, which are:

  • Any parts of the tree that are already dead or are dying
  • Any broken or hanging branches
  • Are they any cracks
  • Any branches that are not well attached or have co-dominant stems
  • Signs of decay
  • Any architectural issues (leaning)
  • Signs of soil or root problems

 While some of these can be easy to recognize just by looking at the tree, you as the property owner, seeing the tree every day, might not notice if it is beginning to lean, or if branches are hanging in an abnormal or unhealthy way. Cracks, decay, root problems, and disease can also be difficult to detect if you are not sure what to look for. Sometimes the severity of a defect within a tree isn’t apparent to someone who is not trained to recognize them. This is why working with a professional tree removal company in Gaithersburg, MD can provide you with information you may not otherwise be given. Not all tree service companies have the experience and knowledge to notice these issues, so be careful who you work with. Trees can cause a lot of damage and can become extremely dangerous, if not cared for properly.

A professional tree service company will perform a visual examination of your tree(s) and they will be able to identify if your specific tree is at any risk of failure. Removal is not always the answer, if the tree can be cured of the disease, or if the damaged or decaying areas can be pruned or removed but the remainder of the tree is healthy and can remain. The addition of a support system, such as braces, guys, cables, or props may work for some structural issues.

 If you have any of these issues with the trees on your property, give us a call today at (301) 461-0779 or visit our website to learn about all of our services. We can handle any size job, no matter the size.