Planting Flowers

DEL professionals use their vast knowledge of plant material and local ecology, to find plants that will bloom in the fall or spring. From residential and commercial installations, to local blooming plants DEL can handle it all.

Woodlawn Gardens

If you have large trees or unused wooded areas, DEL can put them to use by creating a woodland garden which creates a more relaxed and natural look to your landscape while using pants that are maintenance simple.

Ground Cover

DEL uses plants that are relatively low growing, cover the ground and add to the overall appearance of the landscape. We use pachysandra, one our most popular plants, is full plant that has the added benefit of erosion control.

Pruning and Trimming

DEL will remove the dead, loose or infected branches or stems from plants or trees during pruning. When trimming, DEL will cut back on overgrown plants or trees. Both are necessary to maintain a healthy landscape.

Stone, Gravel, Walls, Paths, Gravel and Loose Stone

DEL can custom build your landscape feature using natural stone including boulder stairways, natural stone walkways, and water features.