Clients will need to have a tree removed because it is dead, dying, leaning dangerously, diseased or for aesthetic reasons. From a small sapling to the largest giant, DEL Landscapes has the expertise, manpower and equipment necessary to handle any tree removal job.

Total Removal Everything goes

This our standard option for tree removal. We remove all wood, trunk pieces, branches, debris, and provide a thorough cleanup. A majority of the wood is taken to a green waste recycling facility.

Leave WoodLeave large wood chunks

We leave the wood behind at the site of the tree in large chunks. This option is popular with people that have woods on their property and people who want to have some firewood later on down the road.

Cut & Leave FirewoodLeave wood for splitting

We will leave firewood-length round chunks of wood for you to split or have split. Each trunk and log piece will be cut down 18 – 24 inches.