Welcome to the latest entry on the DEL Landscapes blog! As seasoned professionals in landscape management, we find it essential to explore and explain the natural challenges our outdoor environments face. Today, we’re focusing on a critical issue: the effects of snow and rain on fallen trees.

The Weighty Issue: Snow’s Impact on Trees

Snow, with its serene beauty, can be a heavyweight challenger for trees. When snow accumulates, especially when it’s wet and heavy, it adds significant stress to trees, particularly those already weakened or fallen. The extra weight can lead to further breakage of branches, potentially causing safety hazards or additional damage to your property.

What Happens When Trees Fall?

  1. Obstruction of Paths and Driveways: Fallen trees can block access routes, making it difficult to navigate your property.
  2. Damage to Underlying Vegetation: These trees can crush smaller plants and disrupt the landscaping aesthetics.
  3. Habitat for Pests: Fallen trees, especially in a damp environment, can become breeding grounds for pests and fungi.

The Soaking Effect: Rain’s Role

Rain, while essential for plant growth, can exacerbate the issues caused by fallen trees. The soil becomes saturated, making it difficult for the remaining roots of a fallen tree to hold onto the soil, leading to further displacement or movement.

The Aftermath of Rain on Fallen Trees:

  • Increased Soil Erosion: The lack of a stable root system means that soil is more prone to erosion, especially in hilly or sloped areas.
  • Waterlogging: This can lead to rot, which in turn attracts more insects and accelerates the decomposition process, affecting nearby healthy vegetation.

DEL Landscapes’ Role in Managing Fallen Trees

At DEL Landscapes, we’re committed to helping you manage the aftermath and potential risks associated with fallen trees due to snow and rain. Our services include:

  • Safe Removal of Fallen Trees: We ensure a safe and efficient removal process, minimizing damage to your property.
  • Restoration and Replanting: After removal, we can assist in restoring the affected area and suggest suitable replacements to maintain the beauty and balance of your landscape.
  • Preventive Maintenance: We offer services to strengthen and prepare your trees and landscape for harsh weather conditions.


Understanding the impacts of snow and rain on fallen trees is crucial for maintaining a safe and beautiful landscape. At DEL Landscapes, we are here to assist you in every step, from emergency removals to preventive care. Stay prepared and keep your landscape resilient!

For more insights and assistance, contact DEL Landscapes — your partner in nurturing nature.