It is an unfortunate reality most property owners will face. When that beautiful tree you have looked at for years and years dies or is destroyed by a storm or disease. Watching your favorite tree deteriorate or die can be a heartbreaking experience!

If you are not sure if it is just diseased or is actually dead, our trained arborist can identify the issue and let you know, in the event it can be treated and saved. However, if it is truly dying or already dead, read on to learn more.

If you think your tree needs to be removed, you’ll want to move fast! Damaged or dead trees can not support themselves well and they can quickly become an expensive and dangerous liability for you. Call us today to get an expert arborist’s opinion to confirm if your tree needs to be removed so we can take the next step right away to protect your home and you from damage. There are occasions when a tree may look dead or dying, but with the knowledge of an arborist, there may be a resolution that will restore the health of your tree!

If we confirm that your tree is completely dead, then the only safe option is to have it removed. Mature trees are large, hefty objects. Just one post oak tree can weigh as much as 4,400 pounds. That’s 2.2 tons!

If something that large falls on your car or home, the damage can be extensive and will most likely need to be paid for straight from your pocket! Many insurance policies do not cover tree damage if the tree should have been removed before a storm. This is why it is so important to get this handled now.

Even though, during a strong enough storm, healthy trees can be blown over or uprooted, if you know you have an unhealthy or dead tree on your property, don’t wait! The next storm, or just time itself, could cause it to come down and leave costly destruction and even bodily harm in its wake. With such unpredictability, it is the safest thing to remove any dead trees as soon as possible.

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